A new way of experiencing cinema: Yelmo Cines Plaza Norte 2 renews its theatres to convert them into the most avant-garde and exclusive halls

One of the assets we have in our portfolio has undertaken a full refurbishment in order to offer a new and different experience to its customers. These are the cinemas Plaza Norte 2 that Drago acquired in 2016 together with a private Spanish investor. Yelmo Cines Plaza Norte 2 are also among the most popular cinemas in the Community of Madrid.

After several months working on the refurbishment, Yelmo Cines has launched a new cinema concept introducing the “Luxury” and the “Junior Halls” unique services and accomodations. It is about changing the way cinema is lived, offering spectators the possibility to feel like the main characters and enjoying movies in the most comfortable way.

This business model is based on the experience that has Cinépolis (Yelmo Cines’ parent company) managing its more than 90 cinemas in other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, the United States and India and it represents a big change in the way that Spanish spectators have been enjoying cinema until now.


Yelmo Cines Luxury theaters are intimate and comfortable and have armchairs that are out of the ordinary, with fully-reclining leather seats. As in all its theatres, these cinemas also have the most cutting edge digital projection and sound, offering a spectacular show and the best possible entertainment and cinema experience.

But the big novelty is that it offers direct waiter service to the seat with a high quality gastronomic offer and a wide choice of food and drinks, prepared in the cinema’s own kitchen. Thus, the spectator can choose from a mini burger to a combo, pancakes or an Iberian cold meat combination. In order for the spectator to be comfortable the seats have a table for food and drinks together with a small lamp. Also, the separation between seats and the rows is much greater in favour of the comfort of the client and for the waiters to be able to access each movie goer without disturbing others.

Yelmo Cines Plaza Norte 2 also offers the “Junior Hall” concept, an ideal environment designed with children in mind, fun and full of colours. The theatres have a ball pool and a huge slide that runs along the length of the hall where they can play before and during the interval of each session. In addition, there are cushions and single or double puffs, as well as traditional armchairs, ideal for greater enjoyment of the best children’s films and their parents.

We are sure that these innovations are going to change the way that people go to the cinema, introducing a new concept different to what we were used to in Spain. So, now, just relax and enjoy the movie at Yelmo Cines Plaza Norte 2.



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